Inspire Me Monday: Let’s Go Outside

Hi friends! Happy Monday! We had a pretty nice weekend here aside from Friday night (Friday night is considered the weekend, right?) and my husband and I are just about out of our base house. Believe it or not, I’m pretty sad about it! But with the weather being nice we were able to try […]

Doing Good Things, and How You Can Help!

Good morning White Wallers! I hope you have something really exciting planned for your weekend! From the beginning, Erin and I have talked about wanting to do some good with White Walls, but we wanted to find something that was a good fit for our group! Well, last week, a fellow White Waller reached out […]

DIY outdoor candle stick

Some of you may know, or have seen my mom on White Walls. She isn’t a military spouse but she’s my #1 supporter (OK I have a few #1 like my hubs, kids and of course my dad) and she’s the first member of White Walls. She listens to me brainstorm and is so encouraging […]

Inspire Me Monday: Chalkboard

Happy Monday White Wallers! It’s been while! Thank you all for being so patient with Erin and me while we move. I know I still have a ways to go, and Erin is still in the packing process, but soon enough we’ll be back in full swing! I have a little time on my hands […]

Mini Challenge with Mini Prize!

Hi friends! Long time no see, right? I am so sorry! My husband and I were so ambitious and had *slightly* unrealistic expectations regarding how fast we would get the things we wanted to get done, done. We’re chugging along, though, and our new house is shaping up just how I wanted to and I’m […]