Sewing 101- Burp Cloth Tutorial

Sewing 101 – Burp Cloth Tutorial

Alicia here again from Two Kids and a Blog!  Back for another friendly sewing discussion! Last time we talked about setting the sewing machine up. Today I want to talk about cutting fabric. It isn’t difficult but there definitely are tricks that make it easier! When people find out I can sew I get roped into […]

The Magical Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser. If you’ve ever looked on the White Walls Suds page, this little chunk of what seems like white styrofoam is constantly suggested to clean a wide variety of things. Little ones knock over nail polish in your bathroom? Magic Eraser. Hair dye splatters in your sink? Magic Eraser. Seriously, the more posts […]

Chalk Paint – Four Myths are they Confirmed, Plausible or Busted?

Chalk Paint Myths – ConFirmed, Plausible or busted? Ever wonder why sometimes chalk paint fails? Or maybe you feel what people have said about chalk paint isn’t true?  Lets play a game of Myth Busting with chalk paint! All these have been my own personal observation and what I have found from my personal experience […]

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Is it safe to say that Winter is over yet? At least for most of us? As I type this out we have a forecast of 80 degrees (F) all week here. I can’t wait! This warmer weather has been beautiful. The sky’s have been clear. Not that I mind a good rainstorm. One of my […]

Laundry…My enemy.

Laundry makes me want to cry sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean pretty much every time I go to do it.