Bloom… On the Cheap and Easy

How to Bloom on the Cheap and Easy… Moving to a new area, particularly moving overseas, many people adopt the “Bloom Where You Are Planted” mentality but blooming can be hard when what was once familiar now seems like a million miles away, not to mention when the language and culture is different and the […]

All About the Kitchen

If your anything like me and on the move every few years, its sometimes necessary to get creative in terms of decorating your kitchen. As military families we are often limited to the changes we are allowed to make while renting (so I have learned how to think outside the box). You can transform a […]

Farmhouse Style

 So as I make the transition, from primitive decor (dark color scheme) to a farmhouse look, I have been searching high and low for the perfect accent pieces. There is something about the farmhouse look that feels clean and refreshing. I am not sure if it the white, ivory, the wood color palette, or just […]