Meet the admin team

Meet the admin team!


meet Darci …14064202_10210578784924777_2209598036639412203_n

Hey everyone! I am Darci and I have been an admin of white walls since February 2015. I have enjoyed my time as an admin because the other admins are such a great group of caring and supportive women.


I have been married for 17 years and I have 2 girls and 2 dogs that keep me super busy. My husband and I met in basic training.


In my spare time I love to go camping with my family. We love the outdoors. I also like to scrapbook, have coffee dates with friends, cheer on my girls at their swim meets, and find great deals at thrift stores or yard sales.




meet Debbie14993578_10210393111326408_4760768310510041436_n ..

Hey there! I’m Debbie and I’ve been a member of white walls for a year now and one of the newest admins. I love all the decor inspiration that everyone brings to the table in the group!


I am an Air Force widow – married to my Airmen for 8 years before suicide took him from our lives. We have an 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. I own my very own small zoo as well (5 cats, 4 dogs, 3 chickens, and 2 horses).


My hobbies include working on my home and garden, horseback riding, hockey (GO WILD!), and just enjoying the outdoors with my children in beautiful Colorado!




14937225_10210792723759436_7015202963104090584_nmeet Adrianna …

Hey! I am Adrianna I have been a member of White Walls since 2014! I am so excited to have the opportunity to join the wonderful admin team!


My Husband is active duty Air Force and we have been together 4 years married for 2. We have a sweet 7 month old baby boy and an old tabby cat named Leo.


I have a passion for Music, Photography, Painting and Quilting but above all I love being a mommy!

meet Lindy14947897_10209504643027808_8775533083832285370_n

Hey y’all, My name is Lindy and I am so excited to be apart of the White Walls community and am excited to be apart of the wonderful admin team.


My husband is an active duty soldier as of January and before that he served as an active duty Marine. We have been married for 9 years and have three sweet spoiled rotten boys and I’m out numbered big time.


We have 2 dogs named Carmel and Oreo and a cat named Penny Lane yes the same Penny Lane the Beatles sung about.

In my free time I enjoy decorating, crafts, reading and photography. This life is crazy but I am so thankful to stand alongside of those who serve.