Meet Megan



Meet Megan


Hey y’all! I’m Megan, co-founder of White Walls! I work side-by-side with Erin to help make White Walls a place that motivates, helps, and inspires everyone who is a part of it. I believe that big ideas + action can lead to some really amazing things and White Walls is a great example of that. It has given me a creative outlet while offering me a way to help a community of people that are so near and dear to my heart. Making the walls that my family lives in a home has always been important to me, and there was no way I was going to wait until my husband retired to settle in somewhere. We like to believe that anyone can make home anywhere the military sends your family!



14087172_10208808067731570_873072336_oWhile I currently don’t live in military housing, there are still so many challenges we face in the house we bought, specifically resale or rentability— something that is always on the minds of military families who own. When it comes to our houses, military families face unique challenges across the board— Whether it’s playing tetris with our now way-too-big-for-this-house furniture, or figuring out the most durable floor option for renting while staying on budget. I’m thankful to be an integral part of a community that helps people overcome those challenges, and makes a life on the move a little bit easier… Plus, I love seeing the inside of people’s homes!


14124043_10208808078691844_2110498253_oI’ve been married since I was 17 to the love of my life! I’m a wine-loving, food tasting, Chihuahua-owning, chicken-raising, Christ-following, mother of 1, gal, married to a handsome man in the Air Force! I love decorating, coffee, junking, and décor catalogues. I’m passionate about military families, and honored to love a service member and be surrounded by such wonderful people.


Hope to see you around!