Fab Find Friday: Cheap Bulbs

The first home that my husband and I moved into was a little yellow house on Fairchild Air Force Base. We had a great back yard and a decent size front yard with a few nice trees that we shared with our neighbor. In the middle of our little yellow duplex was an ugly, patchy

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What’s to come for White Walls?

Welcome to White Walls’ blog!   We have some great things coming to this blog and I’d love to tell you about a few!   Inspire Me Monday – this blog post will appear weekly on (you guessed it!) Monday. Megan and I will scour the internet finding inspiring images that just may inspire you

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Welcome to White Walls

Welcome to White Wall friends! I’m so excited you are here! The concept of White Walls has been lurking in the back of my mind for years. Thankfully with forums like Facebook and now blogs, it has come to life.

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