“DIY no-sew curtains!”

I have a lovely bathroom window I wanted a curtain for but of course I couldn’t find what I had pictured in my mind. So this is the perfect time for a DIY!


I wanted something thin – something translucent. It needed to be white (white, not off white), it needed to be a smaller curtain to fit this window and a plus would be tie-ups 🙂 That’s not too long of a list, it it?? I found something similar at Target but it was a thick white fabric and it was still pretty large. And did I mention it had a $30 price tag?! OUCH!

At Walmart later in the week, I found the perfect curtain and so I got my 3 supplies – curtain, coordinating ribbon and a roll of Heat N Bond. This was all purchased for less than $15 (including tax) and I was going to get 2 curtains out of it! Whoop whoop!!

Heat N Bond is great for anyone who wants to skip the sewing step (ME!) It’s basically a tape  that creates a bond on fabric. I got this roll for less than $5 and I’ll be able to use it on many, many future projects. I just keep mine in a zip lock bag.

The first thing I did was cut my curtain panel in half – I knew I wanted to get two matching curtains out of this panel. The two curtains I’m making will go in different rooms but what if in the future I want them side by side? Hey! You never know!! 🙂 Now what I want to do is make a nice seam on the bottom of the curtain – hence the Heat N Bond.

Lay out your curtain on a surface that can take heat – you will need your iron to activate the Heat N Bond (HNB). Take your HNB and lay it across where you want to finish off the edge of your curtain. I cut mine just a little longer than the actual curtain.

*I’m so sorry for this side-ways image! No matter what I do, it just won’t lay flat so please forgive me!

Now take your iron and iron right over the HNB paper – this step is creating the bond. When you’re finished ironing, take the paper off the fabric. Wah-la! You have a sticky line!

Now take the bottom of your curtain and place it on the HNB creating a nice edge. No pictures of this step but hopefully you get the idea. Now iron over the curtain again just reinforcing that bond.

I wasn’t happy with what it looked like when I was done. I had a nice look on the right side of the curtain but on the back, you could still see the edge where I cut. And that did NOT work for this OCD lady! So I again laid some HNB out on my edge, ironed, folded the edge up and ironed again.

HNB only 1 time
HNB 2 time – much better!

So here’s my finished product …

Not too bad for a lil DIY! But I felt it was STILL missing something, so I added ribbon …

You can easily attach the ribbon with your left over HNB but I decided to just drape it over the curtain rod and tie it just so I can use it in a different way when we move.



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