“Fab Find Friday: Pretty Bowls”

Here in Virginia we’ve had some ‘serious’ weather. Now I know all of you in Misawa, South

Dakota or anywhere, where six inches of snow in considered a dusting is scoffing at the thought of the city issuing a state of emergency, but people here are just not prepared for these conditions. But before the weather got bad the this week, I went out to Williamsburg to the only Home Goods nearby. I didn’t go with anything in particular in mind, and I really didn’t even have an intention of bringing anything home with me… But I ended up redecorating my bathroom and buying a few other things.

If you don’t like to shop, I’m the last person you’d want to shop with. I’m a slow shopper, and go back to the same isle a million times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Sometimes my efforts are fruitless, and other times I find things I would have missed had I just breezed through. After my millionth time down the tableware isle, I spotted these great flower bowls.


And I needed them but there were only TWO on the shelf (nooooooooooooooooooooo)

I enlisted my sister-in-law, who was having another snow day, to go look down the other isles to see if she could find anymore. She found one, then found another. I was hoping for six, but I could live with four.


Here’s a picture of me in my natural habitat.

I spent a lot of time mixing and matching dishes and making sure I’d be happy with these when I paired them with my dishes at home. Too many times I have loved something in the store only to realize that it just didn’t work with the stuff I already had. Being less impulsive and taking the time to make sure I love something and asking myself, ‘How are you going to use this? With what?’ and ‘Do you really want this,’ has helped me avoid a lot of those situations. Remind me to tell you guys about my pumpkin wall sometime…

But I did love these, and they paired nicely with other dishes. I’m getting ahead of myself, but I think they work well for spring, and will do nicely for summer and on to winter. I use magnolias in my Christmas decor, so I plan to use these during that time too since they’re magnoliaish. They’ll work throughout the year if I choose to use them. I call this kind of shopping investment shopping. It makes my husband feel better 🙂

This is what I had on my table before.


It was nice, but I wanted a bowl, and was a little burnt out on the napkin rings for now. I’ve been using them since before the fall, and I was ready for a change.


Who has two thumbs and needs to polish their silver? Me!


The fabulous part?



I love them, and think they’re really quite pretty.

Have you found something fabulous this week? We’d love to hear about it!

Happy Friday friends! Be safe, be healthy and be kind!

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