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“Felt Flower Wreath DIY”

Good Morning!! It’s been a little while, and I apologize for my absence, but it’s been a trying few weeks. I am back with a happy heart and a full list of project to accomplish over the next few months. I’m getting in the spirit of fall here, even though it’s still in the 90’s and humid. It probably won’t be “fall” ish here until Christmas, but a girl can dream.

Today’s project is a felt flower wreath DIY. These are super easy and one of my favorites for decorating any season. They can be placed and hung anywhere around the house! I’m looking for an old window to place my wreath, but until then, it will hang on the door. Let’s begin!


twig/branch wreath


hot glue gun

burlap ribbon/banner matterial

sharpie/permanent marker



cut your felt:

for small circles, cut in a circular motion as if unrolling a cinnamon roll (gosh doesn’t that sound delish…)


for a rose type flower: cut each petal out. These petals will be a circle or oval shape, the center of which is a scrunched up.


for a daisy type flower, fold a piece of felt about 2 in wide in half length wise and cut every 1/4 inch almost to the end. make sure you don’t cut all the way through or you won’t have your sweet petals.


for the pointy flower: cut 2 pieces of felt about 1-2 inches in width and layer them. Then, cut in a zig zag all the way down length wise.


Glue your flowers together. The small circles just wind up and glue as you go. For the rose types, scrunch a circle up and glue it, then begin gluing each circle/oval around it. For the daisies and pointy flowers, roll up the felt with the cut up side out and glue as you go.





Cut your banner pieces: I cut mine in triangles about 1 inch on each side.  I wrote my message on my banner pieces now as to make sure I cut enough and it would fit in my wreath.  You could also cut felt out to use as backing.



Once your banner pieces are cut up and written, glue each triangle (or whatever shape) to the twine. ***Make sure that you’ve placed your words in your wreath to make sure they fit before you glue


Place your flowers around your wreath and begin to glue them down. Make it as full or simple as you desire.

Once it’s all glued down it is time to place your wreath!! I’ve just hung mine on the front door, but I’d like it to be placed in front of an old window on a mantle or shelf. How pretty would that be??  Where will you place yours?




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