Friday Favs!

There are certain times a year I find myself in the kitchen most. The end of winter is one of those times. After months of heavy eating, pumpkin and cinnamon scented everything, and still finding glitter everywhere, I just want clean and fresh!

I’ve mentioned before my love for lavender, and my affection for the stuff grows after Christmas when I’m ready to stop it with the cinnamon. It’s a flavor often forgotten about, completely underrated, and something seemingly reserved only for candles. Such a shame!

It all started when I watched the Movie It’s Complicated a few years back. Meryl Streep owns this darling little bakery and cafe, (where she makes baking croissants look super easy,) and in the movie she makes lavender honey ice cream! I could never find lavender honey ice cream, so I took to Pinterest of course, and naturally there were foodies out there who also fell in love with the movie and thankfully dedicated time to coming up with a recipe!

Picture from Fabulously French

This recipe *here* from Fabulously French is the closest thing I have found to exactly what I would imagine the ice cream in the movie tastes like—- Y’all it’s like springtime for your tastebuds! There are quite a few other ice cream recipes on Pinterest, but this one is my favorite.


Last year we went to French Quarter Fest out in New Orleans. We found a little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that also did Italian soda. I spotted the lavender syrup and decided to try to give it a whirl soda style. It was good! So good in fact, that I have one of these bottles sitting in my pantry now, which you can find *here* so I can make my own Italian soda’s at home, and dream about Cafe Du Monde and imagine that I’m eating a beignet.

Lavender Latte Fox and Briar

For the most part, it’s been cold, damp and gloomy where I live, which means that it’s the perfect weather to cozy up with this delicious concoction by Fox and Briar. The best part about this recipe is the simple lavender syrup. Delightful! Start your day with a Lavender Latte or Lavender Earl Grey tea! Yummmm!


Until Friday after next friends!



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