Friday Favs!

Hi friends! happy friday!

January is coming to a close, and I don’t know about y’all, but I still can’t believe it’s already 2017. I felt like I was just getting used to writing 2016 when suddenly it was Christmas and then BAM! New year! Now look at us— Almost to February!

Of course, with a new year comes fresh starts, and New Year resolutions. Like many of you, I had several things on my resolutions list….

1) Work on posture,

2) Focus on health and wellness for self and family,

3) Blog more,

4) Quit eating spoonfuls of Nutella

… And while I can’t say that the last one is going great, I would say I’ve stayed on the wagon with the other few pretty well this first month of the new year. Nutella is just delicious and you can’t hold me accountable for that.   Let’s be honest— I could write this entire post about the smooth chocolaty magic of Nutella…


Instead, though, (since hopefully y’all are familiar with Nutella, and already know how fantastic it is,) I’ll share a few other favorite things that are almost as good as Nutella.

1. Brazilian bum bum cream

2I recently went down a long internet rabbit-hole and somehow discovered this stuff, and it’s been one of my favorite rabbit-hole discoveries! The smell is a little hard to describe, but if you read any reviews on it, you will quickly find out that the smell is what many people love most about it. It’s rich without being overwhelming. While I can’t personally speak for the firming qualities of this cream, I can say, as someone who loathes dry skin, that the thing I love most about this cream is that moisturizes without leaving you feeling like a slippery, sticky mess. I’ve been using it every night, and I love it so much, that it’s now the only lotion in the house! Plus the name is cute. You can buy a big tub, or a smaller tub on both Amazon or Sephora, but I’m tellin’ ya right now… You’re going to want that big tub.


2. The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide


Remember all of the things I said about Nutella before? Well, luckily, there’s a recipe or two that calls for a home-made version of the stuff in this book. As someone who enjoys cooking, and enjoys eating even more, this book feels like a godsend. I previously had it in my mind that healthy food equaled nothing but salads, flavorless proteins, and plain rice-cakes, but this Kayla has changed my world. If you have a little time to browse through it at Barnes and Noble, you’ll see what I’m talking about!


3. Sherwin Williams, Agreeable Gray


Is it just me or are we seeing beige make a come-back? Of course it would, after we all painted our walls gray… Luckily, we’re getting ready to PCS, and that means a new house to paint and decorate! I’m sort of on the fence about going full-beige, even though I like how warm it makes a  room feel; I’m on the fence about grays right now too, but I love the crispness of it. Once again, I went down and internet-rabbit-hole, (this time on Pinterest— the most long and dangerous of internet-rabbit-holes,) and discovered Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray, and realized that I could have the best of both worlds with this color! Almost instantly, I decided I would be painting my new house this color. It’s the perfect greige. Clean, but warm!

Until next week friends! Stay safe





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