“Inspire Me Monday: Old Windows”

People everywhere are looking for ways to turn old things into something new. I sometimes wonder if this crafty bug that seems to have infected the decorating world came out of the economy taking a turn. It’s everywhere! You can see the upcycled/found look even when you’re buying new in big stores like Target, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I love it!
This week I was inspired by old windows. My dad has been rocking old windows since before it was chic. He has a beautiful old stained glass window that came from an old church Germany hanging in front of his kitchen window. It’s exceptional when the sunlight goes through it. Way to stay ahead of the curve Dad!
Let’s talk windows friends!
I’m starting from the outside and with one of my favorite ideas! I L.O.V.E. this whole picture–
Is that cute or what?! Can’t you see this on a porch in military housing? I can, and you might just see it on mine.





Lets go inside…

[gmedia id=17]

This one is my fav! If I had room for a kitchen island, I’d enlist my hubby to build me this.


One of our very own White Wallers, the talented Mandy Booth made this out of an old window:
Talk about talent folks! I’m seriously impressed— this is stunning. Thanks for letting us share Mandy!


To see these pins, or any of our older pins from the blog, check out this link *HERE*


Happy Monday White Wallers!


Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy week,


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