“Living Room Window”

If there’s one way to add color and movement in your room, it’s curtains!

Curtains are prob one of my fave things to buy. Why? You can change them out when you get bored of them with little effort!

I remember growing up, we never had curtains in our living room. With in the past few years, my mom put curtains up in the living room – what a change!

Curtains are kinda like putting a picture into a frame; they really finish off a window.

Here in my home, I’ve been swapping around decor. The living room was a light blue themed but I’ve moved that stuff into the family room (where the kids have the PS3 and all of their toys). I’m loving all of the yellow in the stores. I’ve never been a HUGE yellow fan, but I’m hooked on all of these golden yellow shades.

So yellow for the living room it is!

I have two small windows in my living room along with a slider to the backyard. Instead of buying all the window fixtures for both windows, I’m starting off with one. I just want to make sure I like what I have before I spend $100 on curtain rods and curtains.

Lucky for me, I found something at Target so getting another set shouldn’t be hard. If you find what you like at Marshalls or another chain like that, it’s better to just over buy and then take back what you don’t use or don’t want. Product moves through that kind of store so fast, you never know if they will have it tomorrow or even an hour from when you leave.

So here’s the window –

The window is only like 2 feet wide, and it looks out into the area between mine and my neighbor’s home. There’s nothing good out there to look at, but the extra light is nice.

My dilemma is small but it’s one that has be pulling my hair out …

Here’s OPTION #1 –

The curtain is hung on the curtain rod. Pretty typical, nothing special.

**Notice I didn’t go with a girly, flower type pattern!? That’s because my husband sheds a tear every time I buy something that is girly looking 🙂

Option #2 –

The curtain is hung with coordinating curtain hooks. I’ll tell you why I like this one – the curtain is easy to move and it can be pushed further to the left to let in more light. I cannot go to bed with the blinds open, it creeps me out to think of who is looking into my house. I wouldn’t necessarily have to close the blinds with this hanging arrangement, I could just move the curtain.

My husband prefers option #1 and I prefer option #2.

Which one do YOU prefer?

When hanging curtains in your home, do you hang them on the curtain rod, or with curtain hooks? Why?

Cannot wait to hear what you White Wallers have to say!


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