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L.Grace Lauer
We have been in the USAF for just over 13 years now.
My Inspiration
I am constantly inspired by color, nature, other artists, Pinterest and unique ideas and uses of items not usual in this world. Something different and unique.
My Advice
I would say I have three pieces of advise I would give to any stranger who asks...
1) Hang all your photos at eye lvl, not to high.
2) Choose your most expensive item in the room first, things like curtains and paint can be matched more easily after you get that gorgeous rug or bedding.
3) Always do something to make it home... no matter how short your stay at that location.
My Favorites
My favorite item in my home is a set of wing back chairs with the original golden velvet fabric. I recently painted the wood black and added upholstery tacks in chrome around the edges to give it a more modern flair. They are cozy and rich in color.
My hobbies are my work, my passion for my crafts. I love to refinish furniture, create home decor and art, decorative wall murals, henna body art and more, really what ever I am in the mood for that day.
Interesting Fact
I love Italian Greyhounds... we breed our pair if we can when the hubby deploys.
Business Name
Uniquely Grace
Business Description
Quality Design and Products!
Designs created uniquely for you, be it for henna body art or a wall hanging in our bedroom. My designs are customized to grace your life and others you love.

Your Style with a Touch of Grace!
It's all about you! Each artistic creation, from the birthday party invitations to the custom costume props and pieces all are inspired from my client's style.

Unique Impressions!
Give them something to talk about! Your event is special to you, leave a memorable impression on your invitees with designer invitations to the event or a two week long lasting impression with henna body art. Your guests won't stop talking about it!

Love that Handmade Look!
Be honest, you adore the perfect Pinterest pins but have no time to learn new techniques, spend years perfecting artistic talent, cut and create 150 wedding invitations, table number plaques or bridal hair pieces? Me that's who. Let me do it for you!

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