Room Challenge – February

Wow! It’s already February and we’re less than 10 days away from Valentine’s Day!

This month’s room challenge is very Valentine’s Day appropriate – the master bedroom. Ooh la la!

First let me tell you what I envision for my master bedroom …

  • I’ve already chosen a color palette – white, linen and purple.
  • I want to use lots of mercury glass and reflective surfaces (like mirrors).

Now some things I need to get done in my master bedroom …

  • Nightstands! They’ve been painted but I’m not quite finished with them.
  • Lamps – I’d like to find something with a mercury glass base.
  • Window treatments – I have to sleep with room darkening curtains (or I go bonkers!) and I need to find a cuter way to hang them.
  • Gallery wall – I want to frame some pictures of just my honey and I and create a gallery. I’d love to use some mirror frames.
  • Sheets! It’s time to revamp the bed with some new crisp bedding!

Now, will all of that wish list get done this month – maybe not 🙂 HEY! I’m a woman on a budget! But I’m sure going to try to get it competed because my husband and I deserve to have a relaxing space that we can connect. Too many times we overlook spaces and the master bedroom is always one that I haven’t put my time into. I’d rather make my kid’s rooms look great or the living room (since we all use it). But something I have to remember, it’s ok to focus on you!

On to the before pictures … yikes!!

Our storage is horrible and it doesn’t help that the closet is tiny like a coat closet!
Finish the end tables and add a lamp.
Add new bedding! (I made the headboard)
This light blocking panel is blah so it’s time to vamp it!

Jessica a White Waller who is up for the challenge of vamping up her master bedroom.

Here’s her plan for her master bedroom, “… going country and romantic, quilts, burlap, and mason jars. I’m also building my hubby a hidden gun cabinet in there! Only thing good about him being deployed is he has no say in my decor!

I’m so very excited to see what all of you are able to accomplish in your master bedroom! Feel free to post pictures to the White Walls FB page and use #whitewallsblog


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