“Room Challenge – January Part 2 REVISED”

January’s room challenge was the bathroom! I hope you decided to take a look in your bathroom and make a change – even if it was small like making a curtain 🙂

This was our first room challenge so we didn’t get much of a response but hopefully as the months go on more of you will be inspired to participate in these fun challenges.

Lucky for us, Megan spruced up her master bathroom and and took some pictures so we could all take a peek!

The before –

I think this is a great example of the typical military housing bathroom. I think I’ve had this same flooring, cabinets and counter top at my last two on-base houses 🙂

The after –

I love how Megan chose to add silver into her bathroom with accessories. A white shower curtain is easy and effortless. It goes with everything so she could always change up the white flower with colored ones and everything will still go together nicely.

Thanks so much sweet Megan for sharing your master bathroom with us!! <3

REVISION – Since posting this we had a few entries that I thought I would share!

This is from Shanna S. and she revamped her bathroom with a fresh new white shower curtain. Love it!


From Amber T. on the White Walls FB – “I moved the magazines from the bottom of the shelf to a magazine holder that I had sitting in our guest bathroom that is only used to bath my 6 month old (kinda pointless in there, i think). That freed up the bottom shelf for a bin to “hide” the toilet paper a little better.

The canvas bins on the shelves were in my entryway closet, so now I need to replace them, but I didn’t really like them there anyways! I don’t really like the fact that they are offwhite, while my shower curtain is white, but they will do for now until I find something better!”

Ladies, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us what you did you spruce up your bathroom!! xoxo



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