Room Challenge – January

It’s our first room challenge and I thought we’d start off small with the bathroom!

Most of us are not going to walk into our military house and get this bathroom.We will have to get a little more creative with our space.

We won’t be able to change the counter tops or those average cabinets but perk up! There are some simple ways to change up your bathroom.

I like to start off a decorating project with a theme or something that inspires me. For a bathroom it’s easy to start this project off with a shower curtain. I have found pretty but simple shower curtains at the discount stores (think Marshalls).

Take a picture of your inspiration item with your phone, that way while you’re out and about and run into something, you have that picture to guide you.

Find items that compliment your inspiration – candles, artwork, rug, towels, shower curtain hooks, etc. The list is never ending!

Small craftsman bathroom

My bath room is a great example of having to work with a horrible space. My (rental) home is a craftsman style and it’s old. In the bathroom I have lovely (not!) paneling, floor trim that doesn’t match, ugly blue laminate tiles (that are cracked in spots), a horrible paint job and have I mentioned the gorgeous blue flowered wall paper? Overall this bathroom (our one and only for a 4 person family) is pretty yuck and if my landlord would let me paint, I would!

But since I cannot, lets talk about what I’m thankful for in this bathroom, the blue tile matches the lovely blue flowers on the wallpaper, the accent color is white and it matches the wallpaper. Have I mentioned I’ll be moving the first week of May so why put out a ton of money??

Lovely flower wallpaper

My plan – to keep everything in the bathroom basic! I have enough going on with the flowers so I don’t need to add any focal point or anything. Everything I’ll be adding will not compete with that wallpaper. I’m going with crisp white shower curtain, white floor rug and a DIY white sheer curtain. Does crisp white say clean to anyone else? Another plus – white is so versatile so I can take everything with me to the next house!

Drum roll please ….

How cute! And what a way to update that icky window! Just in case you’re wondering I placed all the blinds hardware in a ziplock bag, labeled it bathroom and placed it along with the blinds in a closet. It makes it easy for the next renter 🙂

Another picture from tonight, I think you can see the window a bit better and you can see my white bathroom carpet. Sorry the picture isn’t better but it’s hard to get a decent picture of this bathroom with my 35mm 🙂

So how are you going to change up your bathroom this month? New towels? New artwork? Or maybe a new window curtain?? Share with us on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #whitewallsblog and we just may feature your bathroom on the blog at the end of the month!

Good luck to anyone accepting this fun challenge and don’t forget we’re all here to help!

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