Three Ingredient Ravioli Bake

Sometimes you just need a meal that can be thrown together quickly. This one is so simple my 7 year old can make it. Taking shortcuts for this Three Ingredient Ravioli Bake means that you can keep the simple ingredients on hand at all times.  I freeze pasta sauce in bags, but you can use your favorite […]

Quick Caprese Pasta

Hello fellow White Wallers! Katherine here from Give Peas  A Chance with a quick and easy meal! I love quick and easy meals. This is so simple but we all love it. What’s not to love? Pasta, fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil, soft mozzarella. The perfect quick meat free weeknight meal. Easy enough for the kids […]

Mummy Meatloaf

 I saw this the  in a magazine long ago. I think next time I’ll use sheets of phyllo dough, because it’s more parchment like and I think will look better longer. For phyllo I would take the meatloaf out when it’s almost done, wrap it with thin sheets and brown it for a bit in […]

Creamed Spinach

The wonderful thing about Creamed Spinach is that the ingredients can be kept on hand to make it, and the ingredients are simple. Frozen spinach is something I always keep in the freezer for use. We love fresh spinach in salads and smoothies, sometimes I’ll cook with it. But really frozen spinach is just as […]

Quick Bananas Foster

I am not a fan of bananas. Unless they are in a good banana bread, bruleed, or smothered in a caramelized sugar and topped with ice cream.  Which is what this Quick Bananas Foster is. Bananas that have been bathed in caramelized brown sugar and butter. This can be whipped up with ingredients you probably […]