‘Borrow’ for US Military

Hola y’all! I come to you with super exciting news and giveaway details! Some of you may have heard of the website ‘Borrow‘ before— and maybe some of you haven’t. If you haven’t, I think the cover of their front page really sums up what Borrow is quite nicely: “Rent what you need if you don’t want […]

Cinnamon Brown Sugar White Chocolate Blondies

Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, and White Chocolate Blondies

Made with cinnamon, brown sugar, and white chocolate. these blondies are the PERFECT way to usher in the fall season! Fall is here! Fall is here! Fall is here! Every morning it is chilly and by night fall, it starts getting chilly again. At least that’s how it feels where we live. It’s officially time […]

Pumpkin Pie Pudding {Slow Cooker}

This recipe is Just like Pumpkin Pie, minus the crust! Hello again to all my fellow White Wallers! Libby here…and today I’m sharing a recipe that is not only simple to make, but fits the theme of the fall season. Fall is ‘officially’ here! All of our local stores already have their seasonal decorations and […]

Slow Cooker Toscano Soup

A TANTALIZING and delicious soup that will warm you up this fall season! Hello fellow White Wallers! Libby here again! Can you believe fall is here?! The first day isn’t technically until the 23rd of this month, however, the weather over here in our neck of the woods has already dropped at least 15 degrees […]