$10 Window Treatment – DIY Frosted Glass in a Moroccan Tile Pattern

L.Grace Lauer

Frosted Glass Patterns is a fantastic look to any window where curtains or blinds may not be the best choice. Now you can do it temporarily with frosted contact paper!

~The Supplies~

Pattern to trace
Frosted Contact Paper (found mine on Amazon)
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Window Cleaner
Thin cardboard for a stencil

~The Steps~

Step 1

Step 1 - The Printable:
Print the printable from 7th House on the Left. Use your computer or copier to change the size of the template. Once the desired size is acquired, trace it to your poster board/cardboard piece to create your stencil that is strong for multiple tracings. Notice the tips on the printable.

Step 2

Step 2 - Tracing and Cutting:
Open the roll of the Frosted Contact Paper and turn over so the grid lines on the back are available for tracing on. Trace all your tiles this way. When my hand started to hurt from cutting I took a break and did some installing. When cutting try to make a continuous cut not choppy. Move the paper, not the scissors for a smoother result. Here is a video for some great cutting tips with scissors (I know it sounds silly but there are tips that make it easier I promise). Make sure this each pattern is centered on the grid for maximum usage of the contact paper and for easier installation in Step 5.

The Moroccan Tile pattern fits perfectly into one another symmetrical both vertically and horizontally, leaving very little waste of the contact paper. Keep the extras on the sides too. They come in handy and will be used (shown in the bottom right of this photo).

Step 3

Step 3 - Clean your Windows:
Clean the window with a micro fiber cloth and cleaning supplies leaving no streaks, no residue, no fuzz, and no fingerprints. Keep a dry micro fiber cloth handy for spot cleaning finger prints on the glass as your installing the contact paper tiles.

Step 4

Step 4 -Beginning at the Center:
To begin I measured the glass and found the center of the window. I placed my first full tile there (with the application technique found in Step 5.) I then worked to the right or left moving from the center to the outer edges. Every other row with this pattern will have a center tile and I ALWAYS began with it, measured it and made sure it was level then worked off of it to apply the rest of the tiles in that row.

Step 5

Step 5 -Applying the Tiles
Levels are key! I peal back the bottom 1/2 of the backing on a tile, folding it up and matching the grid to the top half. Leaving the top half on to use the grid lines as a guide with the levels. Check the vertical level of each tile and the horizontal level of each row when completed. (this is best explained in my Tutorial Video -

This photo show how the rows stack on one another. One row uses five tiles (with a center tile that I measure the center of each time this type of row is installed) and one uses six tiles. Repeat this installation process till your rows are. When pressing down the contact paper begin in the middle and work towards the edges to minimize bubbles.

Step 6

Step 6 - Fill in the Sides
You can see in the photo above there are many partial tiles that run along the vertical sides (left and right) of the window. I used the edge scraps from our cut out of the contact paper. Peal the backing off. Set the curves into the spaces and then trim off the excess.

That is it! Your done!!!!

This took two rolls of Frosted Contact paper. If you have bubbles please refer to the end of my Window Treatment Under $10 - Faux Frosted Glass Tutorial Moroccan Tile Pattern the video also shows tips on how to avoid bubbles.


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