DIY Primitive Witch Hat Decoration

How to create your very own primitive witch hat fall decoration!

~The Supplies~

Utility fabric ( usually found with the duck canvas), Witch hat stenciles, Sewing machine, scissors, pencil, and cutting mat
Fabric stiffener, acrylic paints, charcoal powder( optional), black shoe polish ( recommended but optional), cinnamon, and paint brushes
Glue gun, fabric pins

~The Steps~

Step 1

Trace Hat brim and cone onto the fabric. Then cut them out.

( I did not include instructions on how to make the hat templates. Just google it :))

Step 2

Fold cone in half length wise, match edges together and pin in place using fabric pins ( watch your fingers! If you have little ones please make sure no pins are left on the floor!) . Sew a 1/4 inch seam along the pinned side.

Next, pin a 1/4 inch seam along the outer edge of the brim. Sew. ( Again be mindful of the pins and your hands and arms because, OUCH!)

Now, pin the cone to the inside hole of the brim. Again, sew a 1/4 seam.

Remember to take you time when sewing. No petal to the metal is needed.

Step 3

Place your newly constructed witch hat and fabric stiffener ( I didn't measure. I just kinda did the "There that looks about enough" estimations, but I would say 1/4 cup) into a grocery store plastic bag.

Squish the hat and stiffener around in the bag until the hat is fully saturated. If you stiffener is a little to thick just cut it with a little water water.

Once the hat fabric is saturated, unravel the hat and stuff the cone with news paper yesterdays bad news. I found that those thin cardboard flyers that come in the mail work great at creating a base. Just roll the cardboard slightly and place just inside the cone. Shape the hat to have wrinkles to your liking. ( Seriously it takes me like 10 minutes to figure out how I would like my cone to look) Place on a solid surface out in the sun or in a warm dry place around your home. Allow it to fully dry.

I like to check up on the hat and make adjustments as it dries, because I am never satisfied.

Step 4

Once the hat is dried it's time to paint!

Of course there are many methods to achieve a vintage worn look to your piece. This is how I did mine.

I used black shoe polish and old paint brushes to darken all the recessed areas with in the wrinkles. I lightly scrubbed the shoe polish on to the rest of the the hat. To further darken I used charcoal powder. The shoe polish helps to adhere the charcoal to the fabric and help to give a soft look to the stiff hat.

** note shoe polish stinks. If you decide to use it please open a window so that you are not

Step 5

On some of the high points of the wrinkles, I use cinnamon over top of a wash of raw sienna acrylic paint. It helps give the hat a dirty rusty rustic look.

Step 6

After all the painting is done it is time to decorate!!

Heat up your glue gun.

On my hat I wrapped a tea dyed cheese cloth around the base of the cone and tied it into a knot. I then added dried leaves, dried flowers, a small plastic pumpkin and a small plastic skeleton all of which I pick up at hobby craft store.

Remember, to have fun with it! Style your hat the way you like! Customize it by putting clips on bigger decoration so you can change them out if you would like. Add cob webs by stringing thin strands of hot clue over the piece. Want to add dust? Try light touches of baby powder. however, baby powder can leave an sheen to the surface. If you do not want that, grind up some kitty litter ( unused of course) and lightly dust the hat, or any piece you create, with a make u powder brush that is ONLY used for crafting.


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