Drawer Front Upcycle

Make your own unique wood signs using old drawer fronts!

~The Supplies~

Drawer front
Wood filler
Hand sander
Vinyl decal or letter stencil
Pencil to free-hand letters/permanant marker to fill in the stenciling

~The Steps~

Step 1

Remove knobs from drawer fronts and fill the holes with wood filler

Step 2

Completely sand stain/paint off the drawer front and sides, wipe clean before painting on your desired color. Any paint will do, you can seal it with the Poly later.

Step 3

After your selected paint has dried you can add your lettering a number of ways. I decided to stencil my letters on with pencil then filled my letters in with gold permanent marker. Be careful when placing your letters so that they don't end up crooked. You can use a level to guide you as you create a guideline.

Step 4

After everything dries (I let it set about 24 hours) Go ahead and spray on Poly to protect it from the elements!
I love this project because the options to decorate the drawer front are truly endless. Enjoy!


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