Faux Farmhouse Table for less than $30

I’ve always wanted a farm house table, but with us moving around and seeing how our current table took a beating, I couldn’t justify spending the money on one.

~The Supplies~

Synthetic brushes
Plastic sheeting
Sand paper

~The Steps~

Step 1

DIY Farmhouse Table

Cut your wood to the length of your table, if you don't have a saw, you can have the Lowe's cut it for you, the first cut is free I believe.

Step 2

DIY Farmhouse Table DIY Farmhouse Table

Take the hard corners off the edges of the planks using a knife, or a better tool if you have one. I think a knife works best. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SHAVE THE WOOD AWAY FROM YOURSELF. I know it's tempting.

Step 3

DIY Farmhouse Table DIY Farmhouse Table

Put the wood down and rough it up a little or a lot. Use anything and everything. I used a rock I found in the yard, a screw, a nail head, and a hammer. Use the hammer to rough up the edges if you plan on keeping them exposed to the edge , I enclosed mine but didn't plan on doing that until after.

Step 4

DIY Farmhouse Table

Put down the plastic sheeting and stain away, wiping away until it is as dark as you'd like it. I used Kona and Dark walnut.

Step 5

DIY Farmhouse Table

Arrange the boards on the table and nail them directly into the existing table top. I used dark nails that matched my stain. If you'd like to put a small piece of wood around the edge, make sure all the boards are aligned perfectly, and then just nail the board into place after the other boards have been nailed.

Step 6

DIY Farmhouse Table DIY Farmhouse Table

Sand lightly if you don't like any rough spots and re-sand. Paint the legs (or leave them) and apply a light sealant if you'd like. :) You're done!


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