Flare for Glass Pieces

Meg C

Add a little “flare” to glass pieces in the house… I did a vase and a few coffee mugs.

~The Supplies~

Sharpies - Reg or Paint
Coffee Mugs or Vases (it would work with plates and bowls too)
Rubbing Alcohol
Paper Towels

~The Steps~

Step 1

Clean your surface with rubbing alcohol. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2

Place stickers or figure out your design. Start creating!

Step 3

Once your sharpie marks have dried, remove stickers. You can use q-tips or paper towels to remove marks that you've made and don't like or touch up the designs you've made.

Step 4

Please your mugs/vases on a cookie sheet (I also used a silicon mat under my vase and mugs). Set time for 30 minutes and relax!

Step 5

After the timer goes off, turn off the oven and leave everything in the oven until they are fully cooled. Enjoy your creations! **Note: I have been told they will be fine in the dishwasher. I plan on putting them in there.. If for some reason you are apprehensive, hand wash. I will update once I've washed mine.

Step 6

Here are the finished products!!! They were super easy and are totally adorable!!


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