Life-Sized Ruler DIY

White Walls

With so many PCS moves, it’s hard to keep track of your little ones height and this project is the perfect problem solver.

~The Supplies~

Wood 1in x 10in x 6 ft Whitewood board - around $10
Stain (Rustoleum Dark Walnut)
Acrylic Paint (white or black, depending on your stain)
Paint Brushes
Finish (Polyurethane)

~The Steps~

Step 1

Be sure to sand and clean up your board before staining. Oh, staining. I had a tough time staining this time around. It could have been a multitude of factors, but man was it tough. We do not have a garage here in San Angelo and the wind was not our friend. The color came out darker than what I expected. This is the same stain used on my original ruler. The only reasons my husband and I could think of, was he might have sanded way too much. But who knows. We are beginners, and this was our second stain project. Practice makes perfect, so we have tons of work to do before our big projects.

Step 2

Once your stain has completely dried, you can now start the fun part! Take a piece of chalk and a ruler and mark every inch. Don't worry about the chalk later, it brushes off easily or blends with the paint. I then measured out how long I want each line (inches, ½ foot mark and foot mark). Then, I painted over each line with white acrylic paint and a flat brush. I did two coats of paint.

Step 3

In order for me to save money by not buying premade decals or buying a Cricut, I spotted this trick on Pinterest. Print out the fonts you are interested in rather a big size (in the 200 size range). This might take you a couple of tries. I have an iMac, so my font selection was very large. I tested out a couple of fonts for this one because I couldn't make up my mind. I ended up going with Typewriter for both family name and numbers. On my original ruler, I used Typewriter for family name and Imprint MT Shadow for numbers.

Step 4

Then, take your chalk and color the entire back of the number. Place the number where you would like it on the board, take a ball point pen and trace the number, trace firmly. Don’t worry about messing up, the chalk can easily be wiped away with a damp napkin or cloth and you can start all over again. After tracing, pull up the paper, and you will find an outline of the number ready for you to paint.

Step 5

Finally, just paint in the lines! I used a fine, thin brush to paint. Don't rush this part! Put on some calming music or grab a dessert to munch on in between numbers/letters. After the paint entirely dries, get a damp cloth or napkins and wipe away all the chalk dust. And this will be your final product…


One thought on “Life-Sized Ruler DIY

  1. Beth says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how the wall ruler ended up working out… I like the stain that dark, but I wasnt sure if the height markings would show up. What do you use to mark it? Pen? Pencil? White sharpie?

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