Nail polish Water Color Art

Meaghan Copley

Watercolor art is now my newest obsession!! Its a great way to upcycle your glass jars and you can also find super cheap mugs at the Dollar Store and Thrift stores!

Happy Crafting!

~The Supplies~

Bowl to fill with water that is deep enough to dip jar or mug into (use something you don’t mind ruining)
Nail Polish Colors of your choice
Glass Jar or Ceramic white mug

~The Steps~

Step 1

Fill bowl with water warm water. The polish spreads more when dripped into warm water and creates a sheet that will easily adhere onto the glass jars. If you are using a ceramic mug use cold water. You can play with it and see what works best for you ☺

Step 2

Pour a few drops (2-4) of polish into water. If you want a swirled effect drop another color polish into water and swirl the colors together with toothpick.
Note: Whatever pattern is created in the water is what will end up on the jar or mug.

*You need to work fast between Step 2 and Step 3 so that the polish does not dry to much and all stick to your toothpick once you start swirling the colors around. *

Step 3

Dip jar/mug into water at an angle so the water does not end up inside the object you are dipping. Rotate the jar/mug in the water if you want the polish all the way around or you can just dip one side. It looks cool either way ☺ You can also re-do step 2 if you want other colors on the other side of jar/mug or to keep adding the same color if the first dip was not enough to cover entire jar/mug.

Step 4

Hold jar/mug for a few minutes to let the water drip off, then place on a non stick surface to continue to dry for 1-2 hours. DO NOT WIPE WATER OFF WITH A PAPER TOWEL OR CLOTH. You will end up with paper towel pattern in your paint or wipe off your beautiful design.

Step 5

Enjoy your new piece of art!! You can turn them into vases, add tea lights for candle holders in a center piece etc. The possibilities are endless ☺ Mugs should be hand wash only for best results.


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