Welcome to White Walls

Welcome to White Wall friends!

I’m so excited you are here! The concept of White Walls has been lurking in the back of my mind for years. Thankfully with forums like Facebook and now blogs, it has come to life.

I’ve always been curious about how my neighbors decorate their home. What did they do with that awful space in the living room?? How did they hang their Christmas stockings with no mantle? Going from military housing to military housing sometimes can be hard. Especially since they can be so different! We went from a large living room with a separate dining room at Malmstrom AFB (in Great Falls, Montana) to a small living & dining room at Kirtland AFB (in Albuquerque, NM).


Just because our stuff (barely) fit into our house in village 4 at Kirtland, it didn’t feel like ‘home’. Because of the awkward size, I had a hard time placing our home together. Knowing my neighbors now, I should have gone over to their homes, knocked on their door and asked (no demanded!!) for a tour of their home. I needed inspiration!!


I couldn’t be the only military spouse having this problem.


So my thought was, why not share how we decorated our military houses.


White Walls didn’t come to life for many more years but it’s here now. Hopefully WW will be here for many years to come, inspiring the military spouse to turn her military house into a home.


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