“White Walls Daily Giveaways”

14570555_10205915197557708_2018129834841080543_oWhen Megan and I started talking about White Walls turning 3 we tried coming up with ways to give back to our White Walls members.


We are lucky enough to be apart of a group that love giving just as much as we do!


We thought, why not see if some business owners want to do a giveaway. The response we received was overwhelming!


One month quickly booked up to two months and that turned into 3 months! WOW!


October – 24 giveaways

October 1: Brittany Lecates gave away a sign >> Lecates Creates
October 2: Tiffany Brady gave away a Scentsy warmer >> Sniff With Tiff FB group
October 4: Nicole Sanchez gave away Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream from Perfectly Posh >> Nicole’s Perfectly Posh FB group and Perfectly Posh.
October 5: Meaghan Copley gave away s tutu >> Princess Mimi’s Tutus
October 6: Jessica Lauren gave away a personalized Christmas bag >> Jess Made Designs
October 7: Candice Balcazar gave away a simmering light and jar of sprinkles from Pink Zebra >> Pink Zebra.
October 8: Simony Honeywood gave away a customized house portrait >> A Little Darling Home
October 10: Wendy Zock gave away ‘home is my happy place’ sign  >> Coffee, Crafts & Chaos
October 11: Liz Erway with Dell gave away a Dell portable bluetooth speaker and 10% off coupon code with Dell >>
October 12: Misty Barnhart gave away ‘home is where his boots are’ sign >> Vinyl Cuts & Sippy Cups
October 13: Julie Riggin gave away a candle >> Julie Kay Design Studio FB and her website Julie Kay Design Studio.
October 14: Holly Allen gave away 2 pairs of LuLaRoe leggings >> LuLaRoe Holly Allen
October 15: Jenna Grimm gave away a door decal and a water bottle >> JG Custom Vinyl Decor
October 16: Jennifer Vanek gave away shirt >> J Rose Custom Designs
October 17: Amy Schaaf gave away a pair of LuLaRoe leggings >> LuLaRoe Amy Schaaf
October 18: Nicole Lynne gave away a ‘always stay humble and kind’ sign >> Pups Planes and Pallets
October 22: Kari Brown gave away an Anita necklace from Plunder Design >> Anita’s Plunder Design FB group and Plunder Design.
October 23: Sabrina Lewis gave away a Prize Candle >> Prize Candles by Sabrina FB page.
October 24: Melissa Mulloy gave away $5 to her LuLaRoe Bam Girls VIP Pop Up event  >> LuLaRoe with Bam Girls
October 25: Jennifer Nguyen gave away a personalized family sign >> Juniper Studios
October 26: Kelly Johnson gave away a sign and a coupon for $5 off a purchase >> Beyond Paper FB page and Beyond Paper.
October 27: Alexandra Mundo gave away a piece of jewelry >> Modern Expression
October 30: Bethany Auth gave away a Scentsy Service and Sacrifice warmer >> Bethany’s Scentsy FB page and Scentsy.
October 31: Lindsay Vaitkus gave away a Rodan + Fields Facials and Multi-Function Eye Cream >>  Roman + Fields.


November – 23 giveaways

November 1: Lindsey Cochran & Ashley Salazar gave away 10 t-shirts and 20% off coupons to White Wallers  >> Linds Presses
November 2: Talysa McCall & Jasmine Thiboeaux gave away a children’s t-shirt and 10% off coupons to White Wallers >> Little Outfitters Co
November 3: Maria Harp gave away a ‘I love you dearly’ string art sign >> Hammertime String Art
November 5: Brianna McFarland gave away a Agnes & Dora gift certificate >> Brianna’s Agnes & Dora FB group
November 6: Summer Alexandra gave away a $50 LuLaCash and 20% off to White Wallers to her LuLaRoe shop >> LuLaRoe Summer Glass FB group.
November 7: Kelly Baumgarte gave away a customized ‘home is where the military sends us’ sign >> Dogwood Designs
November 9: Melissa Furth gave away a girls toddler holiday set and 10% off coupon code to her shop >> Three Sweet Limes
November 10: Cora Brown gave away LuLaCash to her shop >> LuLaRoe Cora Brown
November 11: Jennifer Alfonso gave away a personalized souvenir state picture frame >> Endless Expressions.
November 12: Rachel McGee gave away a Old Rose Floral Pillow pillow cover from her Laurel + Blush line and she also gave everyone a 10% off coupon code >> Laurel + Blush
November 15: Britanni Stratton gave away a $50 Disney gift card >> Ears of Experience
November 16: Chelsea Riley gave away a sign from her shop >> Riley’s Treasure Box
November 17: Alison Robertson gave away $20 LuLaCash to her shop >> LuLaRoe Alison Robertson
November 18: Farrah Perez gave away a t-shirt from her shop >> Glitter & Glamour Boutique
November 19: Carolyn Mullan gave away a LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt >> LuLaRoe Carolyn Mullen
November 20: Anela Hemry gave away a Sentence Lipsense starter lip collection >> Lattes and Lipstick
November 21: Kasey Burris gave away a pair of leggings from Agnes & Dora >> Agnes & Dora by Kasey
November 22: Jolie Ann gave away a Take & Make sign kit from her shop >> The Makery
November 23: Katie Farmer gave away 3 shirts from her shop>> Three Arrows Apparel
November 24: Erin Boice gave away a cookie plate and mug from her shop >> Benelophie
November 25: Carrie Hood gave away a 6 piece custom order from her shop >> Rugged Moose Decor
November 26: Allison Houtz gave away LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt >> LuLaRoe Allison Houtz
November 28: Katrina Palmanteer gave away a custom state typography print from her shop >> Made By Me Inspired By U


December – 19 giveaways

December 1: Krystal Cousins gave away a $50 Origami Owl credit >> Origami Owl Crystal Cousins
December 2: Michelle Haugland gave away $50 LuLaCash >> LuLaRoe Michelle Haugland VIP FB group
December 6: Kinsey Atlman gave away $50 credit to her Anges & Dora shop & $5 referral credit >> Anges & Dora by Kinsey FB Group.
December 7: Christin Faith gave away a sign from her shop Say It With Vinyl and 15% off coupon to her shop >> Say It With Vinyl FB page & Say It With Vinyl.
December 8: Kari Reid Brown gave away a necklace from Plunder Design >>  Kari’s VIP Boutique FB group & Plunder Design.
December 10: Chrissy Casey gave away a sign from her shop Casey’s Custom Creations >> Casey’s Custom Creations FB page & Casey’s Custom Creations.
December 11: Casey Quick gave away a pillow case cover from her shop With Love, Casey >> With Love, Casey
December 12: Ashley Perez age away a box of Advobars from AdvoCare >> Ashley’s Advocate FB Page & AdvoCare.
December 13: MacKenzie Brown face away a sign from her shop Grace & Ky >> Grace & Ky FB page.
December 14: Sonia Herbst gave away a custom swaddle blanket from Audrey’s Bear (more info from his organization coming soon!) >> Audrey’s Bear FB Page & Audrey’s Bear.
December 16: Megan Dimaoala gave away a Scentsy Buddy with Scent Pak and a wax bar for any orders that happened through our White Walls/Scentsy online party! >> Scentsy.
December 17: Kristin Hughes gave away a $30 Norwex shopping spree >> Kristin’s Norwex FB group.
December 18: Kim Jeter gave away a Pearl Discovery Kit from Vantel Pearls >> Kim’s Vantel Pearls FB page & Vantel Pearls.
December 19: Addison Fairbank gave away a sign from her shop Pink Elephant Vinyl Designs >> Pink Elephant Vinyl Designs.
December 20: Lauren Knotts gave away a Large Utility Tote from Thirty One Gifts >> Lauren’s 31 VIP FB group.
December 21: Leslie Wightman gave away a tote bag from JUNIEblake and a 20% off coupon to her shop >> Leslie’s JUNIEblake FB group.
December 22: Jenna Patterson gave away 2 handmade mobiles from her shop Grace Ann Baby >> Grace Ann Baby FB page & Grace Ann Baby.
December 23: Amanda Aceves gave away a Christmas Baking Kit from Usborne and Kane Miller Books >> Amanda’s VIP Usborne FB group & Usborne.
December 30: Katelyn Holland gave away a pair of LuLaRoe leggings >> Katelyn’s VIP FB group.


That’s a total of 66 giveaways over 3 months!

Please over the next year take time to visit these small business owners!

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