Friday Favs! Beating the Winter Blues!

Hey hey friends! We hope you had an amazing holiday, and a happy new year! We’ve been doing some brainstorming for the ole blog, and one of our ideas was to have a Friday favorites post. This will be a blog post where we feature some of the stuff we really dig, and hopefully you’ll share some of your favs too!

White walls Fri-yay favs! beating the winter blues

I’m really a spring, summer, fall, and winter-until-the-day-after-Christmas kind of person. I find joy in all of the seasons, but after Christmas, I’m pretty much done with the cold. I think it’s fun to bundle up with the fam and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate and cozy up by a fire… As a matter of fact, I guarantee you my friends and family would describe me as ‘Christmas-crazy,’ since I listen to Christmas music all year…. But the day after Christmas, I’m ready to get my house back to normal, and let’s go ahead and bring the heat and sunshine back. But alas… it seems like the coldest months are after Christmas. Now I know a lot of you love the cold and loathe the heat, so maybe you don’t get cabin-faver and the winter blues. If you’re anything like me though, you’re basically a pale hermit all winter long, spending a lot of time at home with the kids inside, who also like the idea of snow much more than they actually like the snow. If that’s you, maybe we can help.

White Walls Winter Favs




1. OPI- Samoan Sands

This is my favorite nail color ever. Super versatile, super classy and goes with every season. You can’t go wrong here.

OPI Samoan Sand

2. OXO Pop up containers

If you’re going to be cooped up inside, you may as well be doing something productive like getting a head start on spring cleaning and organizing, right? I tackled my pantry last year with these containers and I love how I can see what I have clearly, so now I’ve moved on to my fridge.

OXO pop up

Yes, they’re pricy, but you can find them cheaper at places like TJMaxx and HomeGoods, or use coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond, and transform the area you want to organize little by little like I did. For my little organization-loving heart, these things were a worthwhile investment for my sanity— especially with my super tiny pantry!

Megan Smith's Pantry


3. Mrs. meyer lavender cleaners and candle

After months of cleaning with and burning cinnamon and cookie scented products, I’m ready for something more fresh… And I sort of have a thing for lavender (lavender honey ice cream anyone?!) Mrs. Meyer’s products clean wonderfully and smell great. If I’m being real, these products make me want to clean, so it had to make our fav list because it’s no easy task inspiring someone to clean their floors.

Mrs. Meyer

4. St. Tropez Self Tanner express

My BFF and fellow mil spouse, Elaine, ( Heeeey Elaine!) is a beautiful bronze goddess like, 24/7, and my go-to-beauty-guru. She introduced me to the the magic that is St. Tropez Self Tanner Express and  I haven’t looked back. Before finding out about this stuff, I’d roll out of the house in the winter looking like Gollum’s sister, but not anymore! It’s a mousse, goes on quickly with the glove (you’re gonna want that glove,) and leaves you with a great, brown tan. It doesn’t smell totally awful like a lot of other self tanners, and it doesn’t leave you gross and sticky. Now, it’s not as cheap as some of the other self tanners, but you can get quite a few applications out of one bottle, and most of the time, you can find a screamin’ deal where you get an additional one of their products for the price of just the Self Tanner Express. Trust me, your skin will be all, ‘Hey thanks for not ruining me by laying in the sun all day!’ and you’ll be all, ‘Hey, St. Tropez! Thanks for making me into a beautiful bronze goddess in the middle of the winter!’

St. Tropez Self Tanner Express


5. S’well bottle

I got one of these for Christmas and I’ve used it a ton in only a few weeks. I dig their mission to end plastic water bottles, and it really does keep your cold drinks cold, and your hot drinks hot for a long time! I love that it doesn’t really sweat a lot like a normal water bottle, so I can throw it in my purse without having to worry that it’s going to ruin my planner or my phone. They come in a lot of cute patterns and colors too! Admittedly, it’s been a challenge not to buy ones that coordinate with my outfits, ha! No, but really… I want them all…


6. OSMO Coding

This one’s for the kids. We spend a lot of time in the house during the winter, and, while our kid doesn’t sit in front of a screen too much, he does like games! We discovered these Osmo games last year and I love that they are learning games that keep his attention. The Osmo coding is his favorite, and he gets a real kick out of Awbie, the little character in the game. Osmo Coding is a great, engaging, and interactive introduction to coding for kiddos… but they just think they’re playing a game! We also have Osmo Pizza Co., where kids learn math and money skills through running a little pizzeria, and Osmo Words, which is a word puzzle game. If they’re going to be in front of a screen, why not learn something? It’s like all of those times we try to sneak broccoli into our kid’s pizza so they get some extra good stuff… Only these Osmo games are successful.

Osmo Coding

7. teavana maharaja chai oolong samurai chai mate

Yeah, I know. The name is long, and every time I tell someone about it, I feel like a real tea snob, but this stuff is worth telling friends about. Trust. If you’ve ever walked past a Teavana, you’ve probably smelled it. I’d bet my bottom dollar when you try it, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. You can buy the loose leaf tea and brew it at home, or get a cup of it at the store. Teavana’s website says it’s ,

Ginger, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cloves, and nutmeg harmoniously balanced with sweet notes of pineapple, papaya, and star anise

Basically, it’s like a warm cozy blanket for your tastebuds, and the perfect tea for wintery weather. If you don’t have a Teavana near you, don’t stress! You can buy it online *here*— I just checked. I got you, boo.

Our Fri-yay fav pic from the White Walls group this week!

I love this. My word for the year is simplify and when I saw Sarah from @Fourthandmaple’s picture I was all YAAAAAAAAAAS! You all know we love a good repurpose in the group, and this old door repurpose is perfection. This room is perfection. So much charm without feeling stuffed! This is it. You nailed it. I know you want to see more from her, so check out her IG *here @fourthandmaple*




That’s all for this week, friends! Until next week!



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