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“A World of a difference – a Chalk Painted Coffee Table”

Good afternoon White Wallers!

Hello everyone, I am Grace Lauer with and I have a little project to share with you today. I like to name my pieces, so meet Magellan. Thank you to all the White Wallers who helped me name him!

Meet Magellan the Coffee Table!

This chalk acrylic painted coffee table is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces, probably because it could so easily represent us, our lifestyle and our history as a military family. Add a few hearts on the world map for where we have lived, a few stars for those places we have visited. It could so easily represent any military/government/DOD family. What a unique way of displaying our “home is where we are together” mantra.


uniquely grace globe map of world chalk paint shabby paints vintage sue blue cali taupe old gold shimmer hazelnut revax columbia SC


The distressing and dry brushing on this piece shows the bumps, scrapes and age we and our items get along our journeys.


Close up of distressing shabby paints giveaway uniquely grace lauer cali taupe old gold world map coffee table


The blue is a custom mixed color with all Shabby Paints brand Products. For the color recipe please see my blog post on my website at: Happy Earth Day! – Oak Table Flip to World Map Statement Piece. This color was created with my mother in mind. She used to have this shade of blue as the main color in our livingroom growing up. So it represents our family roots.


The old gold shimmer represents the richness and cultural appreciation that travel has created in our lives.


side view legs coffee table world globe earth chalk paint shabby paints giveaway uniquely grace lauer


The cream (Cali Taupe) color – well it was just picked out because it went so well with the others. LOL!


Top view world map globe earth hand painted shabby paints uniquely grace lauer chalk paint cali taupe old gold hazelnut revax vax giveaway



See more about this project on my blog , to order Shabby Paints Chalk Acrylic Paint.


Thanks for reading please leave a comment below or share this post if you enjoyed the project! Thanks for your support! See you again with another project next Monday!


L. Grace Lauer

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