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About White Walls …

White Walls started with one simple mission: to help military families turn their house into a home. Starting from that one simple goal, we’ve built a network of over 20,000 service members and their spouses who believe, like we do, that having a comfortable home doesn’t have to be expensive, out of reach, or that you have to put roots down to make a place a home. We believe that you can bloom anywhere you’re planted.

As military families, we understand what a life on the move is like. White Walls is focused on encouraging, empowering and motivating people to create a place for themselves and their family to be at home.

As a group, we concentrate on supporting others and harboring a sense of community that always feels friendly.

As a business, we work to promote hand-made home décor business’ which are owned and operated by military families. We believe that what goes around comes around, which is why we’re determined to use our business for good. We’re always looking for ways to help and give back to our military community, with big ideas like a cookbook with the proceeds going towards military veterans, and a scholarship for military families.These things are made possible through the generosity of our White Walls members, as well as the revenue from White Walls Marketplace.

White Walls is more than a network… It’s more than a business. White Walls is a family.

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