Don’t Wait, DECORATE!

We’re sorry— We know We’ve been doing a little bit of teasing with you guys in the group….

Y’all have to understand… When we get a sneak peek at something amazing, it takes a lot of self control on our part not to spill the beans!

But the beans are about to be everywhere!! We got a bit of happy mail on Facebook a couple of weeks ago from Chelsea Coulston, blogger at Making Home Base. If you haven’t read her blog, you should! We’ve been following Chelsea for a few years now as she conquers homes and makes them her own, so we were of course totally fangirling when we saw her in our inbox!

She was excited to share her new ebook, Don’t Wait, Decorate! with White Walls, and asked if we’d like to take a look at it and share it with our favorite people (y’all, of course!)
Our answer? Um…. YES!

Friends, we weren’t disappointed. The book was as great as we thought it would be!

Don’t Wait, Decorate! encompasses everything we believe at White Walls— Start now! Believe you can have a comfortable, beautiful home. It’s an encouraging and practical approach for anyone at any level of decorating. It has great advice and tools for a discouraged beginner, and fresh ideas for a more seasoned decorator. The pictures are beautiful, and the experiences are real. This is not a book filled with stale rules on what to do and what not to do, but one that helps ignite a fire to you get motivated, tackle insecurity and excuses, and feel confident to make a home your way for you and your family. Needless to say, we’re crazy about it, and so excited  to finally share Don’t Wait, Decorate! with y’all! So…

Without further adieu, here’s Chelsea Coulston, here to share herself, a few tips and tricks and Don’t Wait, Decorate! 

Hey there! I’m Chelsea Coulston, military spouse, girl mama of two, decorating blogger at Making Home Base, and lover of fiercely lived in homes. I like decorating but, even more than that, I love creating a happy place for my family.


One of my favorite parts about decorating is pattern mixing. If you visit my blog or Instagram you’ll see right away that I have a major love (obsession) with throw pillows. I love using a fairly neutral palette with my furniture and then changing out my throw pillows whenever I get the urge. Creating the perfect mix of pillows can be challenging. Have you ever walked into Home Goods and just been completely overwhelmed by the pillow options? Or have you browsed around for some fabric to make your own?


Picking a top three can seem impossible! I have a perfect pattern mixing formula that I think will help solve those pattern mixing problems!I like to use three patterns together. I always pick my dominant pattern first. It’s usually a strong pattern, I call it a show-stopper. Something with color or something that makes a large statement. That can be a floral pattern, something whimsical like a printed pillow with words or some other print.

Next, I select something with scale – either large or small. You’ll want to pick a pattern with some scale in a color (one color only) that compliments your dominant selection. The scale should be opposite the dominant pattern so if you select a large scale floral, consider a small-scale geometric pattern for the next selection. You want to mix not match.

Lastly, add in a neutral or solid to tie it all together. Again, select a color that is present in your dominant pattern. A neutral/solid would include a solid color, a stripe of some sort, or a check print (like the buffalo check shown above). This is where you can add some texture if you’d like. Adding in a velvet or a linen is a great way to add an element of warmth to your mix.
no-fail-pattern-mixing-formulaI’ve created a helpful (3 page) Pattern Mixing Cheatsheet that you can download for free right here. It’s a super helpful guide to pattern mixing like a pro!

As you can see, I’m passionate about pattern mixing. But really, I just love decorating my house. I like pretty things. It’s fun and exciting to watch a space come together. I’m active in decorating groups like White Walls. I love it so much that I write a blog dedicated to decorating. But, it doesn’t come easily to me. I’ve literally spent years discovering my style, honing in on it, and sticking with it. Before that, I wasted so much money trying to make my house what I thought it should be. I focused way too much on other people’s styles and popular trends and I struggled.


In the years since I’ve started my blog, Making Home Base, I’ve realized there are so many others out there that are just like me: normal women, who struggle creating a home that fits their family. I created Don’t Wait, Decorate for you. The women who don’t need a magazine-worthy home, but a real home that is just as beautiful as the people who live in it. Don’t Wait, Decorate is the eBook that will help you decorate a home you love, once and for all. In it, I’ve shared my best decorating tips and ideas, decorating cheat sheets, and pages full of encouragement.

Don’t Wait, Decorate offers real solutions to the overwhelming struggle of how to decorate. It provides a firm foundation through step-by-step direction on how to find your signature style, how to implement that style, and how to sustain it. From finding your signature style to figuring out the best things to put on your walls, this eBook is the best tool to create a home you love.
Today is the first day Don’t Wait, Decorate is available and I can’t wait for you White Walls lovers to get your hands on it!

To celebrate, we’re giving away (1) $100 Target Giftcard + a copy of Don’t Wait, Decorate!

Also, you’ll get a free sample chapter straight to your inbox, just for entering!

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Don’t Wait Decorate – White Walls Collab

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