How To Hang Curtains In Under SEVEN Minutes! With No Measuring Tape!

Good Morning White Wallers! Today I am going to take a break from talking chalk paint to letting you all know this easy peasy trick we use 10-16 times every time we move to a new home. I don’t know about you but I can never find a measuring tape till I have pretty much unpacked most of the boxes, it is never where it needs to be. So here is out little trick, we make a template to drill our holes for the rod brackets and we do it out of something we have a whole lot of in our home during a PCS…. Cardboard!


 Hang CURTAINS with no measuring tape!


  • Drill with
  • a drill bit small then your screws
  • the proper screw driver bit for the drill to match your screw heads
  • A piece of cardboard from a PCS/Moving box
  • A ladder or stool to get you up a the right height to drill strait into the
  • A spouse for an extra set of hands
  • Curtains and Rod with installation kit (usually included)




STEP 1 – Take your piece of cardboard. With a strait edge draw a line about 1″ in from the torn or hand cut edge at a 90 degree to the strait edge of the cardboard (the pre-cut side, will become the “bottom side”) this line is represented by the green line in the photo below.




STEP 2 – Hold the cardboard with the bottom side (straight pre-cut edge) along the top of the window molding or edge. Push out the green line till it is where you want to hang the bracket. Ours is about 3″ from the outer edge of the window molding. Mark it with a pencil, pen, marker, crayon… what ever you have unpacked to write with. Now fold the cardboard (red line in photo) being careful to fold in a strait line with the cardboard corrugation.


STEP 3 – Once folded decide on the height of the rod above the window’s top edge. Or how far down from the ceiling you want. I like my curtains to just pool a little on the floor. So we held them up and determined the height they needed to be hung at according to the length of my curtains.  Mark the drilling spots (two blue dots in above image) with your writing device.


STEP 4 – hold cardboard along the top of the window. Making sure the bottom edge of your cardboard is flush. Drill holes from the right or left side first… then FLIP, it is very important to FLIP the cardboard over, left to right or right to left (see photos below), not top to bottom.  Then duplicate the beginning of this step again on the other side using the folded line to match up to the outer edge of your window. Drill your holes.


11892087_10207507800679678_482226583070643063_n    11951860_10207507801119689_5507472854779248738_n


STEP 5 – I didn’t need this step…. but if you have a third bracket to go in the middle, use a curtain to measure the width of your window. Fold it in half from the left side to the right and you have found your center. Use that width to mark the center right above the window lightly on the wall. Use your cardboard again and line up the green line at the center mark and drill your holes.


STEP 6 – While the hubby was doing STEPS 1-5, I took the tops of each panel and folded them into segments keeping the two outer edges at the back and zig zagging back and fourth till I could get them all even and lined up.






STEP 8:  Put your clips on the rod and then clip on the amount you will need to use per panel. Clip them onto the two outer edges and back folds to your curtains.  Make sure they are all twisted in the same direction.




STEP 9 – Hand rod with curtains already on it to spouse and have them put it up into the brackets hanging there.





Rinse and Repeat for each window.


Here are the times I took with the phone stop watch for both windows… average time… 7 minutes per window to hang curtains.


11218984_10207507908522374_1897200447192149142_n 11953110_10207507908282368_1696019177575973912_n


One last TIP! –  if you are extending your rod all the way out… slip the thickest wooden dowel rod inside the metal one. This will allow you to extend the rod to the fullest without having to add extra brackets that didn’t come with it.


And that is a wrap… Let me know what you think by commenting on this post. Have a great day!


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