Surprise! Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover and Reveal Video

Oh-mygosh! Hubby and I surprised our teenage boy with a bedroom makeover this past week! And of course I had this brilliant idea to completely overhaul his bedroom while he was away at camp. Unfortunately though, this idea didn’t come to me until about midnight on the 4th of July, and he was leaving on the 6th. Our son was gone for only 4 days and 3 nights!


Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover  – The to do list…

  • Clean and Purge Teenage Boy’s Room and Closet – This had to be the hardest part of this Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover! IT WAS A MESS!!!


  • Paint – sounds easy enough right? NOPE! The builders painted the entire room ceiling and closet and walls in a nice cream color… but we needed it grey and white. I HATE PAINTING CEILINGS! LOL! But in the end it looks great with Silver Charm in an eggshell finish by Olympic.


  • Clean – Vacuum, clean the carpets and dust… all the baseboards… LOL. Wiped my dryer sheets over them too to keep the dust from accumulating again. Woo Hoo! Thank you White Walls Suds for the idea!

I bribe my children to do it LOL Seriously though, I love the dryer sheet on the baseboards trick. It keeps dust off longer.” – Patti


  • Put furniture back/re-arrange –  No easy task either. We had to completely dismantle his desk to get it into his walk-in closet to create a lego building station… the door was only 22″ wide!!!
  • DECORATE!!!! and ORGANIZE!!!! – my favorite part about this Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover! Gosh this step feels oh so good. Makes me giddy inside like a school girl with a new box of crayons. Of course redecorating in my house means new ART! We make most of our art around here and I am sooooooo excited for these pieces for my son’s Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover.

We got all but the cool art work done before he returned. Here is his video.


I have a few more projects to do and you can find them as I complete them over on my blog Uniquely Grace.


Let me tell you this was one extremely happy boy with his Teenage Boy Bedroom Makeover! Thank you for letting me share this with you! Hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some ideas… Teenage Boy Bedroom decor is so hard and there is so little out there! Please feel free to Share or Pin. Thanks for the support!


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